GHS Career Day 2023 - Alumnae Volunteers
GHS Career Day 2023

Greetings Sisters! 2023 marks the 175th Anniversary of our beloved Alma Mater, and we hope to be able to present the best Career Day to date. Career Day was started almost four decades ago by your own Distinguished Daughter, Joan Parker Frizzell (#209). She recognized the need for current students to hear … Read More

We're celebrating our 175th Anniversary
The 175th Anniversary of Our Alma Mater

Celebrating Our Demisemiseptcentennial Throughout the Year Representatives from the Philadelphia High School for Girls and the Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia High School for Girls attended the first City Council of the year to witness the adoption of a resolution honoring our Alma Mater’s 175th anniversary on the 26th of January, 2023. … Read More

Executive Board Leadership Opportunities
Volunteer Your Gifts

Greetings, Alumnae Sisters! Welcome to the volunteer page for the Alumnae Association for the Philadelphia High School for Girls!¬†Throughout the year, we have many exciting opportunities to volunteer both for the school and the Association. The school needs volunteers to staff the library, so our girls have a quiet place to study. … Read More

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