Founding Trailblazers of the Alumnae Association

Twenty-five courageous, farsighted women signed our Charter. The objectives of the organization as given in the constitution are “the cultivation of social relations among the graduates, the promotion of the best interests of the school, and the furthering in every way of all efforts looking to the enlargement of opportunities for women.”

Throughout the years the Alumnae Association has been interested in the school and the welfare of its faculty and students. The extreme care that every administration has taken of the funds derived from that famous 1891 Bazaar has given us a sound investment program today. It enables us to maintain an exceptional scholarship program: Numerous alumnae each year receive generous tuition support at colleges and universities. We also give Commencement prizes and tuition grants. Since 1963 we have contributed thousands of dollars as well as books to the GHS library. We donate to school funds and publications. In 1984 we began to subsidize the cost of Advanced Placement examinations taken by qualified seniors. Our support today ranges from capital projects like the installation of a dance floor and statue restoration, to student activities like the robotics team and academic competitions, to subsidies for graduation festivities. In 2001, we finished production of a video history of Girls’ High that highlighted events of our school’s sesquicentennial year in 1998.

The Legacy of Our Annual Luncheon Meeting

Since 1889, our Luncheon has been a gala affair. For many years held in January, it is now held in April and has become our Annual Business Meeting as well as a general Alumnae Reunion and a festive, social function. Honor classes (five, ten years and their multiples) have the opportunity to meet before the luncheon and are recognized during the awards ceremony.

We publish the Alumnae News twice a year to keep in touch with graduates around the world, and through our awards program we honor distinguished alumnae for their service and achievements. The maintenance of our Archives, including the Marilyn Newby Cooper Public Archives on the first floor at Broad and Olney preserves our history and traditions.

Now over 4,800 financial members strong, as the alumnae association celebrates its 125th anniversary, we take pride in our heritage, and eagerly anticipate the challenges that lie ahead. Join us, in supporting our enduring tradition of excellence!

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