A Statement of Support from AAPHSG

The Alumnae Association and our Board of Directors fully support Principal Mesi. She is a compassionate leader and outspoken advocate for our little sisters. We are fortunate to have her shepherding our alma mater through incredibly difficult years – through city- wide budget cuts, policy changes and a global pandemic that magnified every obstacle the faculty, administration and our dear little sisters have faced.

The current media tempest regarding the temporary withholding of a diploma to a few students during the June 9, 2023, graduation ceremony is headline grabbing and click bait. It does not reflect in any way the overall tone and tenor of the day. At the onset – and previously shared with all students, families, and other attendees - Principal Mesi clearly communicated the guidelines and regulations for the ceremony with an added dose of warmth and humor.

In the future the Alumnae Association is open and available to work with the school community as they continue to examine and evolve our traditions.