Results of Board Election 2024

Results of the Election Are In! We proudly welcome five new Board Members as follows. Filling the Vacant Term Expiring in 2025 Natasha Brown (1997/241) Filling the Vacant Term Expiring in 2026 Donyatta Tinson-Smith (1991/235) Board of Directors Class 2024-2027 Emily Marthinsen (1969) Toai Chin (1990) Kimberly Wilkins (1991) To view all current Board Officers and Directors, visit the Leadership Page. If you think Board Leadership may be for you, learn more here.

Empower the Next Generation – Support GHS Now!

For many of us, our time at Girls’ High played a pivotal role in our development. We made lifelong friends, found our voices, and discovered individual talents and interests. Then, we ventured out into the world to be the adult version of the women we started becoming at Broad and Olney, or 17th and Spring Garden, all those years ago. The Next Generation Rises The next generation of girls is just getting started, and … Read More

GHS Hosts Science Olympiad 2024

Girls’ High Proudly Hosts Science Olympiad PHSG hosted the Science Olympiad for the second year in a row. These challenging and motivational events are well balanced among the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, engineering, physics, and computers. Events showcase students’ knowledge of science facts, concepts, process skills, and science applications. Girls’ High Girls Shine Our team will be competing with other Philadelphia Division C schools. Each school-based team is allowed to … Read More

GHS Career Day 2024

Greetings Sisters! This year, we hope to present the best PHSG Career Day to date, and that’s saying a lot. A History of Mentoring Career Day was started almost four decades ago by your own Distinguished Daughter, Joan Parker Frizzell (#209). She recognized the need for current students to hear the stories of success, struggle, and roads less traveled told by our Alumnae. Career Day has fostered many mentor-mentee relationships over the years, and … Read More

About Our Swag Shop

GHS and Alumnae swag gifts, memorabilia, and apparel have been in popular demand since the Swag Shop’s founding. So, when Elisabeth D’Alessandro, AAPHSG Board Member and News Editor, volunteered to manage the Alumnae Swag Shop, we were excited to offer a growing selection of clothing, memorabilia, and gifts through our website. Elisabeth’s team has worked tirelessly to expand our product line, test the quality of our products, and negotiate best pricing. They’ve learned a … Read More

A Statement of Support

The Alumnae Association and our Board of Directors fully support Principal Mesi. She is a compassionate leader and outspoken advocate for our little sisters. We are fortunate to have her shepherding our alma mater through incredibly difficult years – through city- wide budget cuts, policy changes and a global pandemic that magnified every obstacle the faculty, administration and our dear little sisters have faced. The current media tempest regarding the temporary withholding of a … Read More

The Future Is Now

To accomplish the goals of our strategic plan, we’ve updated our membership infrastructure to take advantage of new technology.  In a phased implementation, the Alumnae Association is updating our website and membership portal.  The new platform gives us a centralized dashboard for 90% of our activities, improving communication, transparency, and engagement. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll see: Manage your own member profile and contact information Manage dues payments and donations with just … Read More

Recap of the 2016 Executive Board Retreat

As you can see from the above invitation to ‘Classic Cars Under the Stars,’ we’ve already begun activating plans solidified at the most productive Executive Retreat we’ve ever convened. Yes, I know that I say that every year. It’s simply because they keep getting better. Our theme in August was “A Vision Forward,” and we raised the bar. Challenged with an aggressive retreat agenda, we completed a two-year plan for the association aligned with … Read More

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