How We Came Together in a Crunch

There is nothing like a Girls' High girl! Our alumnae are amazing. Plans for mailing graduation goodies to the Class of 264 fell through due to a delay in production. We were not notified of the delay until the day the items were to be delivered. Without hesitation we put plan B into action; asking our alumnae to deliver boxes to little sisters that lived in their same, or close-by zip codes. We set up two delivery dates; Thursday 6/4 from 12-4 and Friday 6/5 from 9-noon to ensure the girls got their boxes by Friday at 5 PM.

You came through in the crunch!!! 102 alumnae responded to the survey and were willing to step in and step up to assist. Because of the timing we had to move at warp speed. Please forgive us if we made a few minor mistakes, and charge it to our heads and not our hearts! We tried to keep everyone in the loop via texts and email.

All 226 boxes were picked up and delivered ahead of schedule! It was wonderful to see so many classes represented. Shout out to the 219, 229 232, 236, 240, 241, 243, 249, 254, and 262 (I'm still looking up class numbers for the other alumnae who came).

Our apologies to those who didn't receive the updates, came to pick up and there were no boxes left. They were all gracious and nonplussed; they were just excited to be able to assist.

Thank you for your overwhelming support!!