175th Anniversary Tee

For Alumnae By Alumnae at GHS

GHS and Alumnae swag gifts, memorabilia, and apparel have been in popular demand since the Swag Shop's founding. So, when Elisabeth D’Alessandro, AAPHSG Board Member and News Editor, volunteered to manage the Alumnae Swag Shop, we were excited to offer a growing selection of clothing, memorabilia, and gifts through our website. Elisabeth’s team has worked tirelessly to expand our product line, test the quality of our products, and negotiate best pricing. They’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way in the spirit of ‘vincit qui se vincit.’

Our Alumnae Swag Shop is managed voluntarily on a part-time basis. Its proceeds cover the cost of goods and shipping, and yield no profit for its managers. Its managers are juggling school responsibilities, Alumnae Board responsibilities, and families, along with merchandising, inventory maintenance and shipping.

Swag Shop inventory is stored at the school. So, when Girls High is closed for holidays, seasonal breaks, and summertime, shipping is paused since there is no access to inventory. Students help out when they can, so when we get your order wrong and you yell at us, you’re yelling at a high school volunteer who meant well, but made an honest mistake. We appreciate your patience as we celebrate the same holidays you do.

During the school year, we pack and label shipments once per month via USPS. There’s no USPS station at the school, so as you can imagine, someone makes the trip to the post office. During the summer break, school is closed, and we have no access to our inventory. We’re able to ship only periodically when the school is open for maintenance.

Orders received now will be packed and labeled for shipment once per month. You will receive an email from USPS when your package is launched from the Post Office. Depending on when you place your order there may be a week's delay. They’re on the way!

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

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