To our Alumnae Sisters and Customers:

Response to our Annual Luncheon & Meeting Pop-up Shop was greater than anticipated by the small band of alumnae who volunteered to sort, package, label and ship orders. What we thought would be 25 – 30 orders turned out to be over 150 orders.

Our wildest dream was to exhaust product on hand. But when product on hand was insufficient to meet the weekend’s demand, we had to place new merchant orders to get product in house, which put us a couple of weeks behind immediately.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in shipping your goods. Rest assured, you will receive your order. All product is now in house. And while packing and shipping has been slowed by the demands of family, jobs, and holidays, we will not disappoint the good faith you entrusted to us when you placed your order!

We don’t have tracking information; it would add more time to the shipping process to gather it. Nor can we forecast the exact date you’ll receive your merchandise. Your patience is appreciated.

Again, we understand the frustration and disappointment in shipping delays, and hope you’ll accept our apologies.  If you still have questions and would like to discuss your order, send an email to


Annual Luncheon & Meeting Committee