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The mission of the Association shall be to perpetuate the ideals and promote the welfare of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, to further and protect the interests of the Association and its members, to cultivate fellowship and helpfulness among them and to advance in every way all efforts looking to the … Read More

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Our Board of Directors

Azeb Kinder, 1990 President (to 2024) president@ghsalumnae.org Tiffany Wilson, 1996 1st Vice President (to 2024) 1vp@ghsalumnae.org Kayla Scott King, 2010 2nd Vice President (to 2024) 2vp@ghsalumnae.org Ninette Bennett, 1993 3rd Vice President (to 2024) 3vp@ghsalumnae.org Teri L. Lewis, 1982 Treasurer (to 2024) treasurer@ghsalumnae.org Christine Sadjian-Peacock, 1966 Corresponding Secretary (to 2023) corresec@ghsalumnae.org Gail … Read More

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Your Membership Makes a Difference. Welcome new Lifetime Members, and thank you for your commitment. Over 700 alumnae joined as Lifetime Members before access closed June 30, 2021. Your commitment will have significant impact. Existing lifetime members will have no interruption in their enrollment status. As of July 1, 2021, only annual … Read More

Ken Derstine: School Matters
School Matters: Turning ‘Collaboration’ into a Bad Word

By Ken Derstine, Posted April 12, 2015 The disastrous budget that Governor Cuomo has achieved in New York deepens the attack on teachers and public education. Among its many regressive measures, the budget includes evaluating teachers based on standardized test scores. This is despite the American Statistical Association estimating that teachers affect … Read More

President's Message for AAPHSG Welcome New Leaders
Welcome Future Leaders!

As a new class of future leaders settles into the swing of things at Girls High, I’m reminded of the mission and goals of the Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia High School for Girls. Though they may not yet fully grasp its depth and scope, these women, upon graduation in five years, … Read More

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