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With Punxsutawney Phil’s promise that Spring is around the corner, the year is well underway and so are we. February is Black History Month, which carries significant historical resonance for many members. I’m enormously proud of the legacy of African American graduates of Girls High, a heritage too rich to be contained here. From Jessie Redmon Fauset, our first African American graduate (right), to Mary Schmidt Campbell, we have many reasons to be proud. … Read More

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Donations directed to a specific cause are considered restricted funds, and are used solely for the purpose(s) to which they are directed. The Alumnae Association supports our alumnae and our alma mater and as such, the Association incurs operating costs. In order to help defray these costs, the Association will reserve 8% of all funds donated that are not expressly donated for scholarships and awards or capital improvements, to use to pay for operating … Read More

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GHS CONNECT JOIN THE NETWORK SUPPORT YOUR SISTERS 2024 Annual Board Election Ballot This year we’re hosting the 2024 Annual Board Election at GHS Connect! There you’ll find profiles for each of six candidates for 5 open Board seats, and a voter’s ballot to make your voice heard. You can also review the ballot here at the button below. Then be sure to visit GHS Connect to place your vote. It’s also a great … Read More

How the AAPHSG Story begins
About Us

Founding Trailblazers of the Alumnae Association Twenty-five courageous, farsighted women signed our Charter. The objectives of the organization as given in the constitution are “the cultivation of social relations among the graduates, the promotion of the best interests of the school, and the furthering in every way of all efforts looking to the enlargement of opportunities for women.” Throughout the years the Alumnae Association has been interested in the school and the welfare of … Read More

Our History

Our Story Begins on January 19, 1889 The Alumnae Association of the Girls’ High and Normal School was organized on January 19, 1889 and was incorporated three years later on June 10, 1892. It derived its name from that of the school, which, that year, was located at 17th and Spring Garden Streets –the first of two successive Girls’ High buildings on that corner — in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1893, The Philadelphia Normal School, … Read More

Our Mission

The mission of the Association shall be to perpetuate the ideals and promote the welfare of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, to further and protect the interests of the Association and its members, to cultivate fellowship and helpfulness among them and to advance in every way all efforts looking to the enlargement and enhancement of opportunities for women.

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Our Board of Directors

Azeb Kinder, 1990 President (to 2024) Tiffany Wilson, 1996 1st Vice President (to 2024) Kayla Scott King, 2010 2nd Vice President (to 2024) Ninette Bennett, 1993 3rd Vice President (to 2024) Teri L. Lewis, 1982 Treasurer (to 2024) Christine Sadjian-Peacock, 1966 Corresponding Secretary (to 2023) Gail Titus, 1977 Recording Secretary (to 2023) Marcia L. Hinton, 1974 Executive Director Elisabeth D’Alessandro, 1990 Alumnae News Editor ***************** … Read More

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