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Antoinette B. Nottingham, President
Antoinette (Toni) Nottingham, Alumnae Association President
Alumnae Luncheon Meeting April 22

Annual Luncheon Meeting 2017

If you were here, oh what a time!! If you missed it, we certainly missed you at this year's Annual Luncheon Meeting. Let's spread the news about our dynamic speaker, revisiting the good old times, reconnecting at reunions, meeting old friends and new. Start planning now for the 129th Annual Luncheon Meeting next year.

2017 Annual Luncheon Meeting Memories

Highlights of the 128th Annual Luncheon
128th Annual Luncheon Meeting HIghlights
GHS Annual Luncheon Meeting 2017-4
Generations of Girls High Girls
Class at GHS Annual Luncheon Meeting 2017-8


Antoinette (Toni) Bailey Nottingham, President, Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia High School for Girls
Antoinette Bailey Nottingham, 1977
President (to 2018)
Merrill Dyshel Hakim, 1st Vice President
Merrill Dyshel Hakim, June 1963
1st Vice President (to 2018)
Joy Kleiner Pollock, June 1961
2nd Vice President (to 2018)
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